Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Azelene's visit

Things have been pretty busy lately. Azelene was able to come visit when Eli was 6 weeks. My Mom was still here because my Dad was able to finish his radiation a week and a half earlier than he originally planned (since he didn't have a prostate), so he told her to stay, and he'd come here as soon as he was done. It was so nice having so much help. Azelene and I were actually able to organize quite a few things because of the extra help with the children. Azelene cooked, Darlene cleaned, and I got to sort through what to donate, discard, etc... The bandage above Ryder's eye was another fun ER trip. He was jumping in the bathtub and split his head open. It was too close to his eye for Azelene to feel comfortable glueing, so she butterflied it and stayed here with Skyler and Aspen while my mom and I went to the ER with Ryder and Eli. Luckily it was bed time, and both boys slept the entire time, especially since hospitals send me in panic mode with newborns, all the germs, scary! Azelene had approximated it perfectly, then the ER doc reopened it, didn't close it nearly as well, and just glued it anyway. Better safe than sorry.

Since I said "another ER trip" I better write the story down before I forget... Last year, in April, Ryder shoved a teeny button battery from a finger flashlight up his nose, and the doctor was about to give up thinking he really didn't have anything up his nose. I wondered why he would have been screaming for so long, like was in extreme pain, if that were the case, when the Dr asked "Did he stick a candle or something up his nose to burn it?" Strange question, and I have no idea how the thought came to me that it could have been a battery, but luckily we figured it out, and were able to srface it with a magnet and then pull it out with the alligator. Then , not even a week later, Aspen fell off the ripstick and broke her ulna and radius, just above the wrist, almost snapping them in two. Shane had been in Arizona, for a golf trip with his Dad, and I had to call him to come get Ryder and Skyler from the ER on the way home from the airport. I didn't even know where the hospital was before Ryder's incident, now I am only too familiar. Aspen actually broke her arm about two weeks before our family trip to Disneyworld. So she had to have a cast on for the parks and the cruise; not good timing. I actually broke my toe, by dropping the handle of a moving dolley on it, the day before we flew out. Luckily Allen's friend Dr. Dayton, came on the trip as well, 2 days behind us, and was able to bring a drill to relieve the pressure. I need to make friends with a lot more doctors, you should never leave home without one!
Back to the present, Eli at 6 weeks. I need my computer wiz to come flip this right side up, but for now, oh well.


  1. holy cow Nanders! Quite a story! I am glad you have had so much help lately. I can't imagine all of the kid trauma though. We have been very lucky (knock on wood) in that department. No stitches or broken bones (yet!). We have had some teeth knocked loose and chipped.

  2. Wow, even with 6 we haven't visited the ER that many times. Quite the adventures. It is so fun to stay connected to you with the blogs. I can't wait for the day to see you guys again. When does Shane get done?

  3. So fun to read your blog! You're doing so great at it, maybe I'll give it a try too someday! :)